A Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Phone Systems

Business isn’t what it used to be.

Whether you’re a remote worker, on the move or are office-based, being accessible creates business potential.

Gone are the days of relying on a landline to conduct calls: With virtual phone systems, you can take your office wherever you need to be.

Are you modernising your business to keep up with the competition?

New technology is sometimes adopted cautiously in the business world, especially among small and medium businesses. This is often because the combination of deployment disruption and a lack of training can lead to costly downtime.

Thankfully, virtual phones are a simple way to streamline business communications.

Virtual phone systems are an extension of your landline. All you need is an app to connect your office to your mobile phone, but virtual phones are more than just an extension of your office. They are a comprehensive business enhancement.

Need to check your voicemail?

All voicemails are automatically emailed or sent as a text message.

Out for lunch and expecting a call?

It doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll never have to miss a call again.

Got an important meeting and can’t answer?

Just because you can’t answer a call, doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be able to contact you. Alternate contact options are automatically provided when you’re unable to answer the phone.

Gain momentum and stay connected.

Without clients and communication, you’ll start losing money, so why forfeit potential business? Virtual phones strategically streamline your business communications to help you generate business, not lose it. Virtual phone systems can boost your customer-service rating, too. With immediate connectivity and foolproof call redirection, you can maximise your premium customer experience because your employees will always be able to do their job, without having to be physically on the job.

A virtual phone system will make your business unstoppable. Literally.

If you’re thinking about making the move to a virtual phone system, we recommend Vonex.

Reliable, secure and proudly Australian, Vonex is an affordable and feature-rich solution that will help generate profit and lower costs.

And with businesses across the nation being forced into remote working, we understand the need for quick and seamless installation to keep your business running.

Here are some further examples of what a virtual PABX can do for your business:

Call Parking

Paging Groups

Hunt Groups

Seamless Handoff From Desk Phone to Mobile

As part of our “Working From Home” offer, we’ll help you connect to a virtual phone system with six months FREE access to the Vonex app.

Go on, call us now…and because we use Vonex, you know we’ll answer!

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