COVID-19: What You Need to Know

In consideration of recommendations made by health authorities in these trying times, Aspire Technologies has made our employees remote.

Additionally, where possible, we are advocating our customers adopt a similar approach, and are leveraging our resources to help business adapt to these changes.

We’ve included some key information below on our current operations that will continue until further notice and how we can help you keep yourself safe and remain fully able to work.

You can also check our latest resources and articles to help your business thrive using technology over at our News section.

How Can I Work Remotely?

Depending on your current network and IT setup, there are a multitude of choices available.

If you have an on-premise server, we can help configure your VPN capability, allowing you to continue working with all resources from home via an encrypted tunnel at the click of a button.

Remote desktop technologies are available for those who have locally stored data and wish to continue using their work PC at the office, allowing for minimal changes to setup and a quick solution.

Microsoft Teams is currently offering a free solution for six months to support any business that finds itself in sudden need of online collaboration: whether it’s file sharing, video conferencing, screen-share or otherwise, you can utilise this offering free of charge with minimal setup.

For those looking to make the change more permanently to a cloud-based or hybrid infrastructure, we can deliver a fully structured and managed Sharepoint solution to fit your requirements, allowing for online data storage, company website and other key resources.

Contact us on 03 9786 5750 if you have further questions or wish to get started enabling your remote workforce.